The IKEA Cabinet iPad Hack

iPad embedded in an IKEA cabinet.The luxury homes of the future will undoubtedly integrate technology in new and interesting ways. But that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade existing homes with incredible gadgets.

How about an iPad embedded in your kitchen cabinet? Before you roll your eyes, think about the uses:

  • Cookbooks and cooking videos a touch away
  • Run out of something in the fridge? Mark it on your iPad and sync it to your phone for when you go shopping
  • Stream music and video to the kitchen. (Remember the days when people kept small televisions on the counter?)
  • Leave messages, alerts, and reminders for family members

We came across this impressive DIY project we thought you might like to share with homeowners. It includes a tutorial on how to integrate an iPad into an IKEA cabinet:

Be sure to scan through the comments, too. There’s a lot of good advice on how to improve the project.

(Perhaps even more amazing? There’s a whole website dedicated to “hacking” IKEA products in interesting ways.)

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