Humor: The Price of Experience

Pipe wrench.Here’s a little joke which illustrates that it’s not always the time we pay professionals for. Sometimes it’s their experience. (You might want to keep it in mind the next time a client complains about your commission!)

A frantic homeowner calls a plumber before a party. “Help! I have 30 people coming over tonight and when I turn the bathroom faucet on, it makes this horrible noise and the water just dribbles out.”

The plumber says: “I’ll be right over, but it will cost double for the emergency weekend call.”

“Of course,” the homeowner says. “I just need you to fix this!”

When the plumber arrives, he turns the faucet and it makes a horrible noise and the water just dribbles out. He turns the faucet off and bends down to look under the sink. He opens his tool box and grabs a large wrench. He hits the pipe really hard with the side of the wrench. He puts the wrench back in the tool box and tells the homeowner to turn the faucet on. It works perfectly.

“That will be $500,” the plumber says.

“What?! All you did was hit the pipe with a wrench! It took you less than 5 minutes to do your job!”

“It may have only took me 5 minutes to hit the pipe, but it took me 20 years to learn where to hit the pipe.”

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