The Mother of All Google+ Tutorials

Image of Google+ circles.Have you been holding off on Google+ because you’re not quite sure where it fits in relation to other social media services? Have you avoided Google+ because you didn’t know exactly where to start? Is it one of those things you’ve been “meaning to get to”?

Allow us to introduce you to Martin Shervington and his free Google+ tutorials. Martin Shervington…

“has spent the past 15 years empowering others as an executive coach, personal development trainer, author and marketing consultant. As the founder and community manager of ‘Plus Your Life!’ and ‘Plus Your Business!’ he spends much of his time on Google+ -”

…according to his website.

Martin has put together a fantastic resource for learning Google+… from the basics through the deeper psychology of the service. We highly recommend you check out his free “Complete Google Plus video course (less than 90 minutes in total).” It covers:

  1. Introduction to Google Plus
  2. Complete Guide to Google Plus Posts and Photos
  3. Complete Guide to Google Plus Circles and Communities
  4. Exploring Google Plus: how to search, filter and deeper your experience
  5. Google Hangouts ‘Google+ is Google’ — the social layer explained

Our kudos to Martin. What a teacher!

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