How to Text Free on the iPad

Image TextMe! appThe mobile-savvy agent has a natural advantage in today’s real estate industry. If you have to be tethered to your desk because it’s where your computer lives, you lack the flexibility and “work anywhere” capabilities of more tech-friendly agents who embrace a mobile office mentality.

For those agents who use an iPad as part of their mobile office, there are times when it would be really handy to be able to text right from the device. While some iPads are wireless-only, it doesn’t mean you have to be pushed out of table texting! Here are a few ways you can text for free (or cheap!) on the iPad:

1. Use iMessage. Check out the iPad “Messages” settings. Make sure the email address you used to setup your Apple ID is active as well as other potential email addresses. Though iMessage is restricted to iOS senders/receivers, it’s handy if you know your contact uses an iPhone or other Apple device.

2. Use the Text Me! app. Text Me! also handles free calls and a host of other features to expand the communication capabilities of your iPad. Don’t miss their instructional video, either:

3. Try Skype. Skype isn’t exactly free for text messaging, though the texting rates are affordable and it’s handy to have it available when you must text from the iPad for some reason. (The good news, though? Free calling and videoconferencing!)

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