The Power of Dictation Apps

Dragon Dictate LogoMany agents make reminders and notes by speaking into a voice recorder. The practice is at least as old as the days of the clunky black microcassette devices, and extends even further back into the days when one dictated correspondence to secretaries.

Now, our smart phones can do all of that and more. Dictation apps with voice recognition software have taken a quantum leap into the future and are now more accurate than ever. Apple, of course, has integrated Siri into iOS for the iPhone, and many Android devices ship with voice recognition software.AT&T even recently demoed a real-time translation app for Spanish/English speakers to communicate!

If you’d like to navigate your phone, dash off an email, “speak” a blog post, or simply transcribe your thoughts for later, you should check into the time savings afforded by a dictation/voice recognition app. Currently, the gold standard appears to be the software developed by Nuance, specifically the “Dragon Dictate” family of products.

If you’re curious about using dictation software to boost your productivity, check out the apps for Android, BlackBerry, and iOS at Nuance:

Ed. note: (Be sure to click the “All” link below the main menu to see more than iOS/iPhone apps!)

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