The Ultimate 3-Step Social Media Cleanse

Cleanse your social media profiles!The longer you’ve been using websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google (including all of Google’s various services), the more likely it is you’ve shared information in ways you didn’t even realize. Sometimes this means giving permission to third-party apps on Facebook, allowing other Twitter accounts to access your tweets, or even archives of old photos and information in mothballed Google products.

If you’d like to clean up your social media “footprint” a bit, try this 3-step cleanse from John Herman at BuzzFeed. It covers how to do the following:

1. Clean Up Your Facebook Apps Page
2. Check Your Google Dashboard
3. Nuke Your Twitter Apps Page

While there may be apps and information you don’t want to purge, you’re bound to find some things you don’t recognize (and look out-and-out shady!). Do the cleanse and feel better about what you’re sharing.

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