Tips for Cleaning Listings the Right Way

Cleaning brushPrepping a home for sale means making it shine. If you have sellers who are convinced a DIY-cleaning weekend beats a professional cleaning service, share some of these tips for doing the job the right way and keeping it tidy.

In “You’re Cleaning Your House Wrong! Here’s Why” by Jamie Wiebe for, there are eight excellent pieces of advice for making the job look pro and picking up some often-overlooked details. This includes dry mopping, using mircofiber instead of cloth and paper towels, and wiping down light bulbs. Check out all eight tips here:

Want keep a house dirt-free? Lose the shoes. According to Julie Ryan Evans in “5 Tips to Go Green at Home–and Make Some Green, Too“:

“That’s because 30% to 40% of indoor contaminants are brought in from outside, according to a study by the University of Georgia. If you invest in a fun doormat and remove your shoes as soon as you walk in the door, you can cut down on all that gross stuff by nearly 85%. Talk about a quick fix!”

Finally, consider some creative ways to hide the garbage cans from view. Dominick Farina of Trashcans Unlimited shares “7 Stylish Ways to Hide Your Trash Cans” in this piece for Redfin:

Buyers appreciate a clean home! Give your listings a spotless advantage.

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