Turn Spreadsheet Data into Maps!

Turn addresses and spreadsheet data into handy maps.

Have you ever wanted to simultaneously view multiple addresses on Google Maps at the same time?

Have you ever wanted to plot a map which shows you where all of your clients live?

Have you ever wanted to take a farm list of prospects and see where they are in relation to one another? If they’re really in the neighborhoods you want to target?

If so, you should check out, a free web tool which lets you turn spreadsheet data from Excel into interactive Google Maps.

The uses for are virtually limitless. You could share a map of upcoming garage sales with your clients just as easily as you could share a map of your favorite local attractions (restaurants, shops, etc.). It’s a handy way to visualize location-based information.

Information stored with is secure and selectively sharable. The site also includes tutorials and examples of business applications that might help you brainstorm new ways you can use it within real estate.

Visualize Your Data in Custom Maps with


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