Understanding Twitter Ads for Small Business

Image of Twitter Advertising Logo.Did you know that Twitter offers advertising to small business owners? Just like Google and Facebook have their own ad platforms, Twitter also provides individuals and entrepreneurs with an affordable way to build audience and connect with prospects.

Twitter’s offering for small businesses is two-fold: You can promote specific tweets or you can promote a specific Twitter account. For both, you can adjust targeting based on keyword, interest category, followers of a specific account, users of specific devices, and gender.

Like most platforms, you place a “bid” for how much you’re willing to spend for each interaction or follower. In the case of promoted tweets you’re bidding on interactions, such as retweets, replies, and favorites. With promoted accounts, you’re bidding on how much you pay per follower. Bids typically range from $1.50 – $3.50, depending on type of ad and category.

So how might you apply this to a real estate business? Suppose you want to promote a specific neighborhood or community where you represent clients. You could start a Twitter account dedicated to local events, news, and documenting other ephemera which would be of interest to someone living in (or moving to) your featured community. Twitter ads could help you build your account’s following or even get people to click-through to articles on your blog related to the community.

If the concept of advertising on Twitter seems a bit foreign to you, odds are it’s the same for competitors in your market. Differentiate yourself by getting a leg up on them by experimenting with this new platform.

For more information on Twitter ads, check out their help center:

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