Video: Facebook Fraud? Looking Behind the “Like”

Image of Facebook Fraud iconThe science video blog Veritasium recently departed from their usual program of excellent science videos to take a look at what’s behind the relationship between Facebook likes, Facebook ads, and the shady practice of “buying likes” for your page. Their claim? The Facebook advertising revenue model is deeply flawed.

If Veritasium is right, the implications their findings have for your company’s Facebook page are profound, especially in terms of how many legitimate Facebook users actually see your posts in their feed. According to Veritasium: “…even those carefully targeting their campaigns are likely being duped into spending real money on fake followers. Then when they try to reach their followers they have to pay again. And it’s possible to be a victim of fake likes without even advertising.”

While we can’t independently verify the truth of Veritasium’s claim, the video does provide an eye-opening look into the complex dynamics behind using Facebook as a social media channel for your business. The broadest takeaway? Don’t depend on a single social media channel for leads and revenue.

Watch the 9-minute video here:

Facebook Fraud

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