Video Review of the $249 Google Chromebook

Have you heard about the brand new Google Chromebook?

Manufactured by Samsung and running the Google Chrome OS, you can own a laptop which lets you perform your most common web browsing experiences quickly, efficiently, and with uncommon portability.

FromĀ the Google Chome website: “No annoying updates. Nothing complicated to learn. Boots in seconds. Comes with your favorite Google apps. The Chromebook makes a great additional computer for getting things done, for sharing around the home, for everyone.”

We think this is an excellent tool for agents who might be wary of risking their “main machine” on the road. While this version is WiFi only, a 3G option should be available soon. It’s also an excellent second or third computer for those families with young students who spend lots of time using Google Docs, YouTube, Wikipedia, and other online study tools.

Interested? Get a hands-on video review of the new device from Kevin at GigaOm. This thorough video compares the new device to previous Samsung Chromebooks and gives a solid overview of ports, functions, user experience, and design quality. Seriously impressive!

Video hands-on with Google’s new $249 Chromebook:

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