Write Your Way to a Better Real Estate Career

Typing on a keyboardAsk most agents why they have a newsletter or a blog, they’ll tell you it’s to “keep their name top-of-mind with clients.” And it’s true: If you keep in touch with your clients, you’ll maintain mindshare.

But what many agents overlook is the benefit of sharing personally and authentically with their contacts. Whether on Facebook, via email, or on Twitter, writing from the heart about what matters to you can be more beneficial than pumping out stock reports about housing data. In fact, it can be the best tool available for recruiting clients you’ll love to work with. Here are three reasons why:

1. Writing from the heart communicates your values.

True, you’re happy to serve anyone who needs help buying or selling a home, but who would you rather work with? A client who shares your values, or someone who will fight you all the way? If you embrace the “like attracts like” philosophy, putting your values out there will help you connect with like-minded clients.

2. Education prevents problems.

Getting angry with clients is counterproductive. Education is much less expensive. Writing personally and reflectively about challenges you’ve had in the past with clients can help you head off future problems. (Naturally, you never reveal the names of these clients! Use the experience… but don’t point fingers.) Teach, but don’t preach. It also helps showcase your knowledge in a non-salesy way.

3. Writing is good therapy.

Not everything you write has to be shared. Expressing yourself on the page has value independent of outside readers. In fact, taking twenty minutes a day to journal about your thoughts, feelings, problems, and hopes can provide you with clarity and lasting mental health benefits. Writing privately is a safe way to vent and will often lead to breakthroughs you wouldn’t realize any other way.

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