Build Your First Chat Bot with Chatfuel

Chatfuel logo.Capturing leads and responding to prospects’ questions in a timely manner should be easier with the variety of online messaging tools available. But what if you didn’t have to respond to them at all? What if you had a bot who could do most of the heavy lifting for you?

Chatfuel is a platform designed to let anyone create and manage their own AI (Artificial Intelligence) bots for interacting online. Chat bots are great ways for interested visitors to quickly get the information they’re looking for in a more natural, conversational format.

Chatfuel’s primary area of focus these days is Facebook Messenger, which is a perfect place for you to engage with those folks looking for a home. Chatfuel’s bots also integrate with a wide range of other services.

Best of all, you can build a bot for free (though they do offer a “PRO Plan” option as well).

Learn more about Chatfuel here, and be sure to check out their blog for lots of information about their extended features.

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