Determine True Home Value with HouseCanary

HouseCanary Logo.Automated home valuation is arguably the next wave in streamlining and improving listing pricing and real estate investment analysis. Unfortunately, attempts in the past have often created unrealistic expectations with with homeowners (we’re giving you the side-eye, Zestimate).

HouseCanary┬áis a service which aims to deliver results above and beyond the norm. They seek to “utilize the most accurate automated valuation model to determine single-family home and condo values, forecast 3-year returns, and set rent.”

Behind HouseCanary is a sophisticated system of predictive analytics, and one which you can combine with your own experience to make the case for a home’s true value.

Learn more about how HouseCanary might enhance your level of service here:

Also, for kicks, check out this interesting article from their resource section, “Top 5 ‘Hidden’ Factors That Influence Home Value.”

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