Egg Drop: The Perpetual Local Yard Sale

Egg Drop!We came across this interesting new start-up app on Friday, thanks to our friends at Yard sales are a familiar Spring activity, especially if you have clients preparing their home for sale. De-cluttering in the weekly ritual of setting up a yard sale can be a big time commitment for your clients and their families. Well, what if they could have that yard sale going all the time? Without the overhead?

Egg Drop is a 100% mobile “yard sale” app.

From the Mashable article:

“Primarily designed for local transactions, EggDrop’s free app allows users to post and search for items within an 80 — 100 mile radius of their current location. In just one click, users can also share their posted items on Craigslist, Twitter or via e-mail.

It works a lot like mobile, local marketplace Zaarly, but its focus is on Craigslist-like listings, whereas Zaarly also facilitates micro-employment.

Posting an item for sale is fast and hassle-free — just press the “sell button” and use your smartphone to take a picture or choose a picture from your phone’s photo library. Then name the item, set the price and add a short description. Once you post your item to the EggDrop community, you are given the option to share the post with your social networks.”

For a deeper look at Egg Drop, be sure to check out the Mashable article here:

You can also explore Egg Drop yourself. Try it on the iPhone or your Android-compatible device:

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