TweetDeck: The Twitter Platform for Power Users

TweetDeckLast week we talked about how to be better at Twitter thanks to an excellent article in The Atlantic. This week, we’d like to introduce you to a tool that will make you application of that knowledge much more streamlined.

TweetDeck is software that runs on Adobe Air and allows you to manage Twitter in a powerful way. It’s easy to have groups, lists and saved searches set up at all times. You can also use the scheduled Tweets feature to drip content at specified intervals during the day/night. The software runs on Windows or Mac and is free to download.

It’s important to think of Twitter not as a competitor to Facebook or Google+, but as a different platform entirely. It’s a fantastic real-time information source and a great way to get bleeding edge information on topics that really matter to you.

If you’re getting into Twitter, lay hands on a copy of TweetDeck today:

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