How to Alleviate Buyer Stress

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Transactions are seldom smooth, well-oiled racing machines. Sometimes they need a little TLC to cross the finish line. While you know this, your buyers may not realize the occasional flat tire or check engine light is the norm. Often a buyer’s reaction to a normal delay or tense negotiation is worse than the delay or negotiation itself.

Help your buyers avoid catastrophizing these routine challenges with the strategies in this article, “7 Ways Agents Can Alleviate Buyer Stress” by Lee Nelson. Not only does Nelson bring up great examples of everyday stressors, but she provides practical advice on how to help your buyers down from the ledge.

Topics covered include:

1. Multiple offers
2. Contingency chaos
3. Stubborn sellers
4. Can’t get to a showing fast enough
5. Inspection problems
6. Slow seller decisions
7. Buyers overwhelmed by life

You will likely encounter every single one of these challenges in your real estate career, so spend a little time today on Nelson’s article:

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