How to Let Your Numbers Talk

Image of stacks of money.It’s one thing to say you sell homes faster and for higher prices than your competition in the market, but it’s quite a different thing to prove to prospects that you do it.

Here’s a metric you can research and use to prove your value in the market: Research your competition and find out what they’ve sold their listings at as a percentage of the listing price. If you need to, select a pool of “average” agents in the area and see how well they do, percentage-wise.

Next, run the numbers on your own sales. For an apples-to-apples comparison, try to get a date range that is similar to the competition. If you find that you average a higher percentage of the listing price on average, this is a very compelling statistic to share with prospects during a listing presentation.

For instance, you might say:

“Mr. and Mrs. Client, if you list your home with the average agent in this market, it’s likely they’ll get you X% of the listing price. However, my sales record shows that I average Y% of the listing price, with is Z% better. In real numbers on an $XXX,XXX home, that translates to as much as an extra $XX,XXX to your pocket.”

Of course, even if you don’t significantly outperform the average agent in your market, knowing this statistic about yourself is a very useful benchmark of your own. But if you have a prospect playing hardball between you and a competing agent, run the math and you might just get them to sign. (It’s also a great way to prove your value in an office.)

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