Scott’s Thoughts: What it Means to Produce

“Producing is nothing more than bringing all the elements together, connecting people.”

Brion James American actor (February 20, 1945 — August 7, 1999)

Image of movie set chair.While this quote refers specifically to film producing, it’s interesting to think of it in context of being a “top producer” in your market.

I think the definition holds. A top producer is a “top connector.” They’re among the best at connecting buyers and sellers every year.

It might be a subtle mental shift, but instead of selling your services as a real estate professional, what if you positioned yourself as a real estate producer? What if you see yourself as an expert at bringing together all of the essential elements?

Well, then it’s not about slapping on the right price and marketing a property… it’s about being fully invested in making the right connections for your clients.

No, the phrase never has to pass your lips, but consider framing your daily activities as efforts to build and strengthen connections (between yourself and other clients, between yourself and other agents, between yourself and the community, for example). This perspective puts less of an emphasis on marketing and more of an emphasis on building enduring connections.

(It’s also worth noting that great producers also avoid expensive flops!)


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