Marketing Tip: Replace Slogans with Offers

Image of HOT OFFER icon.If you’ve been a Tuesday Tactics subscriber (or an Oakley Signs & Graphics customer) for any time at all, you know that we’re big on building relationships through education. Whether it’s an ebook or a newsletter tip, we’re pretty sure that you’d rather learn something handy than have an advertisement waved in your face.

You might consider doing the same thing with your clients. Think about all those places where you currently have a slogan about your business– why not replace them with an offer for something of value?

Do you have a free report to give away? Some sort of tip sheet or checklist that clients can use?

For example, consider the back of a business card. You could replace this:

“I go above and beyond to sell your home.”

With something like this:

“For a free, helpful guide, 10 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Sale, email me at: [email protected]

(What’s more, you could provide them with theĀ tips for curb appeal ebook, included with ourĀ Letters for Effectively Prospecting FSBOs collection.)

While it might not be a high-volume lead generator, it does replace something of relatively low value on your advertising collateral with something which has a call-to-action and tangible potential.

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