Reconnect with Your Privacy with logo.If you’ve ever felt like your right to privacy online is impossible to preserve, you might want to check out a tool designed to help you fight back against ad tracking, malware, and those snooping programs which sap your battery life. claims to “defend the digital you.” Used by over 50 million people worldwide, the app offers a number of benefits for the privacy-conscious among us. From the company’s website:

  • By blocking tracking requests from connecting to your devices, we make the Internet faster, extend battery life and save you bandwidth.
  • Thousands of companies, cybercriminals, and governments invisibly track your online activity in ways you wouldn’t expect. Our tools make it simple to protect yourself.
  • Our Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology protects your sensitive online activity from wireless eavesdroppers. We encrypt your Internet connection and keep you safe from hackers on public Wi-Fi.
  • Mask your location to access content as though you’re in a different country. Our VPN servers keep you private and allow you to use blocked services, websites and applications. offers a variety of plans, starting with a free version you can try on a single browser. Pro and premium plans are available for expanded features and multiple devices.

Don’t surrender your privacy. Fight back with

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