Summer Project for Your Clients: A New Fence

Image of fence.Summer is an ideal time to tackle outdoor renovation projects. From driveway paving to sidewalk repair, the fair weather can be an ideal time to not only enjoy the outdoors, but take some time to improve the curb appeal and value of your home.

One common outdoor project? A new fence. Whether you’re looking to install a decorative wooden garden fence, a chain link border for your pets, or a substantial privacy fence, there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind before you begin:

1. A permit may be required for fence construction. These may be issued by your county or your city, depending on where you live.

2. The size of fence may dictate need for permit. Some communities do not require permits for smaller fences.

3. If your fence shares a border with your neighbor, certain permits may require proof of your neighbor’s consent, plus plans and/or drawings that detail how you’ll go about building your fence.

4. Permit fees for fences can range anywhere from $20 to above $100. If you use a company to build your fence, often they will secure the permits for you (but you’ll still be on the hook for the permitting fee).

5. You’ll need to know how much concrete to buy for your fencepost footings. One easy way to figure this out is use this handy¬†online concrete calculator:

6. Check YouTube for helpful fence tutorials, such as this handy and professional video produced by Lowe’s:

Fence Installation Tips: Layout and Digging Post Holes

Best of luck with your next project!

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